Crossroads is a 2D top-down dungeon crawler game where the player plays as a lost soul stuck in hell. The player has to use their magic powers to overcome obstacles and fight past enemies in two circles of hell as they try to escape!

I worked in a team of 8 students, including other programmers, 2D artists, and designers. Crossroads was completed as part of Scapegoat Studios, an unofficial WPI month-long summer game jam. I implemented the player's powers (water dodging and fire shielding, most of the event-based UI functionality (including the health bar HUD, the pause, save and load menus, and the dialogue box), and the audio triggers and transitions in C#.

To develop a complete game in such a short time, my teammates and I conducted standup meetings every other day, and implemented a Jira board ticket system as a framework for claiming and reviewing tasks. Every feature was reviewed and iterated on by other team members before it was accepted into the main codebase.