Night Run

I created Night Run for a Digital Game Design course. Night Run was created in the Perlenspiel game engine and developed using Javascript.

Night run is a game in which the player is wandering through a dark forest, with nothing but a flashlight to help them find their way. They must use their flashlight to navigate the forest and collect pieces of wisdom, which they will assemble to achieve enlightenment.

I worked on a two-person development team for this project, and collaborated closely with my partner Oliver Rayner. I was responsible for all gameplay programming and logic, including all movement and the flashlight display, while Oliver was responsible for sound design and the cover art. I used an IIFE to encase the game code in an object to encapsulate it and to prevent it from cluttering the project's global namespace. To implement the flashlight, I covered the game world with a black veil. Then, I cast several rays from the player's position at an angle. The black veil covers all game world spaces but the ones that each flashlight ray hits, thus illuminating the spaces that the flashlight ray hit.

Play the Game